World Class School Athletics Program 

We offer a World Class schools athletics program all year around.

Weekly PE lessons can be delivered to all school years from reception class to year 6. These lessons are personally coached by Claire Spurway.

This fantastic athletics educational program provide classes enabling children to learn the basic techniques of athletics.

This is a structured program with a warm up, an athletics event, relays and athletic games. Children will learn how to run, jump and throw. Improving agility, balance, co-ordination and confidence.

Guaranteed fun while receiving an athletics education!

Kids Running


We offer you as a school a consultation to give a no-commitment chance to get a real insight into Five Star Athletics and to see what we offer your school.

We are sure you will love what we do!


PE Lessons

PE lessons can be delivered to all of your schools year groups or just selected year groups.

After just one term all children will have knowledge of techniques of athletics events including some history/nature of events and rules.   

A general outline of six week package is as follows, (a more detailed scheme of work can be provided).

Week One - Athletic Drills, Sprints (Reactions/Starts)

Week Two - Running Technique, Races 

Week Three - Jumps (standing LJ, TJ, Speed bounce,  

Weeks Four - Hurdles

Week Five - Throws - Shot put, Javelin, Chest Press

Week Six - Recap 

Five Star Attended Schools 

St Monicas, Palmers Green

Prince of Wales

Eversley Primary School

Merry Hills Primary School

Galliard Primary School 


After School 

Sports Practice

We can offer after school athletics or fitness classes.

teach children the basic techniques of athletics which is the base of most sports. 

It is an athletics education.

We do not train children like adults or over train our young athletes so you can be sure your children are in safe hands with us.


We offer group virtual classes during lock down so we can coach any child from any where in the world!


We use the medium of Zoom making classes interactive so children can see each other and so the coach can instruct each child when necessary.


Classes are designed so they can be conducted indoors in a small space or in a garden.

We have a maximum limit on numbers enabling us to deliver high quality sessions. 

Virtual classes are also available 121 at any time.



This is our most popular six week Lifestyle Package, produced for clients who want to look good and be healthier by dropping the excess fat or have reached a plateau with their training for weight loss.



Our Optimal Health and Wellness Lifestyle Package aims to help you regain your mental and physical health after illness or injury.

We want to help you feel habitually mentally and physically well, regardless of age.

Mental health is vitally important to optimise health and wellness.



The New Start Lifestyle Package is for anyone who is starting exercise for the first time or want to restart exercise after a sedentary period such as post lockdown!

Even if you have never formally exercised before, it’s never too late to start or to reap the many benefits that exercise provides, especially in these times.



The New Mum Lifestyle Package is a post natal reconditioning program to help regain fitness and strength lost in pregnancy.

Post pregnancy we can be left with a body that is unrecognisable to us and our energy levels are at an all time low. We can help new mums or mums of young children to get their body back!

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Virtual training has now become more popular as life has expanded online.

People have become more aware of how to use different online mediums and how efficient it can be. 

We can use various mediums for virtual training such as Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp and Skype. 



The Duo Lifestyle Package is for clients who wish to have personal training along with another person such as partner, friend or relative. 

Following our program with a partner adds social support giving you both extra motivation and momentum during the program.